Drive sales and reinforce brand messaging with Syntelate XA's omnichannel unified agent desktop.

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Create convenient, personalised customer experiences

Simplify and tailor your customer's buying experience using our omnichannel engagement hub, Syntelate XA. Omnichannel means offering blended, multiple channels to customers while providing the contact centre agent with a single and comprehensive view of the customer’s journey.

By collating the information automatically behind the scenes and pulling data from your CRM in real time, Syntelate XA reduces agent effort. And in doing so, it brings your operations other efficiencies, too – like faster handling times, quicker time to contact resolution, and better retention rates.

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Avon Advisor, Avon

"Syntelate XA's interaction history shows you transcripts and agent notes, so you see right away how the conversation has gone so far and what you need to do to make the customer happy. Syntelate XA helps us go the extra mile every time.”

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