Are you ready to drive sales and reinforce brand messaging with Syntelate XA's omnichannel unified agent desktop?

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Deliver personalised convenience: The Power of Syntelate XA

Imagine a seamless customer journey where every interaction feels effortless and tailored to your needs. That's the power of Syntelate XA, our omnichannel engagement hub.

Think of it as a unified experience across all your preferred channels – phone, web chat, email, social media, and more. No more jumping through hoops to get the help you need. With Syntelate XA, you can seamlessly switch between channels without losing context.

Syntelate XA goes beyond just offering multiple channels. It leverages real-time data from your CRM to create a personalized experience. This means agents have a complete view of your past interactions, allowing them to:

  • Address you by name
  • Quickly understand your inquiry
  • Provide faster and more relevant solutions
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Avon Advisor, Avon

"Syntelate XA's interaction history shows you transcripts and agent notes, so you see right away how the conversation has gone so far and what you need to do to make the customer happy. Syntelate XA helps us go the extra mile every time.”

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Boosted Retention Rates

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