Email with single-source content features in omnichannel agent desktop

About Avon

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Industry: Beauty (Retail)
  • Size: 6.4 million Sales Representatives
  • Data sources: Syntelate XA

Avon is part of the Brazilian global personal care and cosmetics group, Natura & Co., which has over 35,000 employees worldwide. Avon sells beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle products from its website, direct to the public and through a network of sales representatives. In 2020, the business’s network of Avon Representatives grew by 30%.

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Their challenges

Avon provides its 6.4 million Avon Representatives worldwide with dedicated customer support and account management services, which are provided by a business partner outsourcer. The quality of those services is of paramount importance in maintaining a successful relationship with each Avon Representative.

The company’s growth in 2020 challenged the business to undertake a programme of digital transformation that would meet its cultural and technical requirements. Avon wanted to move their services to a smaller and dedicated partner who could provide highly skilled customer advisors as well as an omnichannel solution.

One of Avon’s key objectives was to improve their sales representatives’ satisfaction with the customer service they receive. Syntelate XA is our omnichannel customer engagement software, which was chosen by our BPO partner to provide customer service to Avon’s sales representatives.

Key features of our solution

Syntelate XA played an integral part in improving Avon's customer satisfaction to a level not reached in over five years.

Snippets played a strategic role in the productivity of Avon’s email channel, helping advisors improve the speed and quality of their emails, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction scores.

Single-source content for emails

Snippets for branded headers, customer details, order numbers, policy statements, promotional offers and other frequently required content were added to Syntelate XA. High-quality messaging was possible with advanced formatting and rich media features. The agent desktop provided each agent with only those snippets that were relevant to their campaign.

Snippet taxonomy

Thanks to Avon's preparation of the Snippet Library's taxonomy and setting permissions for content to specific teams, Avon’s agents handle emails with greater confidence and speed. They simply click a button in their email editor to insert the right snippet into the body of an email.

Video and documentation support

Product training helped the agents and team leaders see how easy it is to work with snippets, giving them confidence and the know-how to manage new email content in the future.

Contact analytics

Syntelate XA was connected to Avon’s CRM and performance MI so that its dashboards and reporting could be used by the BPO partner's data team to conduct investigations. The results shaped the team's service improvement plan that delivered cost efficiencies, new technology, channel shift, and improved the CNPS.


Results for Avon

This project shows the extraordinary results that can be achieved by using sentiment analysis to guide best-use of Syntelate XA's single-source content feature, the Snippet Editor.

  • Five-year best RepSat score of +85
  • 1996 hours saved through snippet insight and development
  • 455 hours process waste eliminated
  • 25 point increase in CNPS since H1
  • Stabilisation across operational delivery of KPIs
  • 5% Failure Demand reduction
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Rob Smith, Head of Contact Centres for Western Europe at Avon

"We are currently achieving the highest levels of Rep satisfaction we have seen in the past five years. We continue to work together to improve the customer experience even further, and we’re currently developing real-time repeat contact insights to help operational teams adapt conversations and identify external influences."

A laptop and a mobile phone with their screens displaying Syntelate XA's user interface of data entry forms, agent scripts, and telephony toolbar.

Why Inisoft?

Avon were looking for a partner who offered the analytical expertise to design and deliver a digital transformation strategy using an omnichannel agent desktop platform, and one with similar values and exceptional outsourcing talent. Teaming up with our BPO partner, Inisoft delivered the technology and software required by this project.

Inisoft helps companies achieve excellent customer engagement results by streamlining their operations and improving their agent experience with Syntelate XA, our contact centre software solution.

Our software is known for its versatility, user-friendly design, and innovations with popular third-party services, all of which facilitate seamless, personalised interactions across every channel that empower contact centres to exceed performance expectations.

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