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One product suite with many applications

Syntelate XA is an agent desktop suite used by contact centres worldwide, servicing businesses in key industries across finance and insurance, media, government, charity, healthcare, and retail.

A suite of communications technologies in a single application, Syntelate XA is your agents’ interface with your customers, and the engine of connected CX journeys that are the foundation of positive business outcomes for contact centres.

Combining core functionality with third-party integrations, Syntelate XA gives you everything you need in one application to manage your contact centre’s operations.

Behind the unified agent desktop you’ll find supervisor administration tools, so your operations teams can oversee daily activity and make adjustments in real time. A visual builder gives team leaders and admins the tools they need to create scripts and change desktops.


A laptop and a mobile phone with their screens displaying Syntelate XA's user interface of data entry forms, agent scripts, and telephony toolbar.
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Let your agents see critical data at every stage of a conversation

Syntelate XA is your agents' unified interface for communication across every channel, so they have the critical data they need to resolve customer queries fast and effectively.

Developed in consultation with real agents, Syntelate XA makes it easy for contact centres to facilitate seamless, personalised customer interactions across every channel and exceed performance expectations.

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Frédéric Dussault, Directorate of Telecommunications
and Governance of Technological Infrastructure, MTESS

"Visually, Syntelate XA is impressive. Functionally, as a web app it immediately appealed. And, more importantly, it can be easily customized. Our agents have told us they are much happier."

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