Reduce complexity and increase operational efficiencies across governmental departments.

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Transform your government services with omnichannel engagement

Blend voice with email, web chat and SMS to create a versatile and connected contact centre for your service users.

Government agencies today face greater communication challenges than ever before. But getting started with an omnichannel contact centre has never been easier. Simplify and unify your communications operations with Syntelate XA, a customer engagement hub combining the power of native features with the versatility of integrated external apps and systems.

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"Visually, Syntelate XA is impressive. Functionally, as a web app it immediately appealed. And, more importantly, it can be easily customized. Our agents have told us they are much happier."

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Engage more effectively to improve services

Connect across channels

Make it easier for individuals to enjoy life in their communities by offering information over their preferred channels and delivering a seamless customer journey.

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Digital self-service

Let users find information and services in a format and at a time that suits them. Self-service reduces demand for voice, which decreases operational costs too.

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Scale up in emergencies

During an emergency, switch on digital services quickly to provide users with information or connect them to live agents.

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Manage demand

Meet anticipated spikes in demand by configuring weekly patterns that make sure the right agent groups are available at the right time.

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Email supports quality

Use email for formal communication and sharing documents. Content features speed up handle times, remove human error, and promote consistently clear messaging. Sensitive data is managed by rules.

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