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Looking to reduce complexity and increase operational efficiencies in the public sector?

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Transform public sector delivery

Syntelate XA empowers public service agents with efficient workflows, access to real-time information, and built-in compliance features, ensuring accurate and streamlined interactions with citizens.

Enhanced citizen experience, guaranteed compliance and seamless customer experiences

Syntelate XA streamlines communication between citizens and public service agents, providing quick access to data for efficient resolutions. Built-in compliance features ensure every interaction adheres to regulations.

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"Visually, Syntelate XA is impressive. Functionally, as a web app it immediately appealed. And, more importantly, it can be easily customized. Our agents have told us they are much happier."

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Engage more effectively to improve services

Unify your customer engagement under one roof

Syntelate XA is your one-stop shop for managing all customer interactions. It combines the power of built-in features with the flexibility of integrating external apps and systems.

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Improve citizen digital self-serve

Empower citizens to find the information they need with Syntelate XA's self-service options, reducing call volume and improving overall efficiency.

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Scale up in emergencies

During an emergency, switch on digital services quickly to provide users with information or connect them to live agents.

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Gain valuable customer insights

Syntelate XA provides real-time data and analytics, allowing you to understand citizen needs better and continuously improve your service delivery.

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Email supports quality

Use email for formal communication and sharing documents. Content features speed up handle times, remove human error, and promote consistently clear messaging. Sensitive data is managed by rules.

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