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Syntelate XA

  • Enable your agents to deliver the best customer experience

    Syntelate XA focuses on your agents so they can focus on your customers. One user-friendly, joined-up interface lets your agents handle all types of customer interaction: voice calls, emails, SMS, web chats, WhatsApp chats, and social media messages.

  • Follow your customers

    Truly omnichannel, Syntelate XA's unified agent desktop supports blending of voice, web chat, WhatsApp, social media messaging, email, and SMS. Compliance-tested telephony integrations and approved third-party solution providers help you drive quality customer relationships and grow revenues.

  • Cloud or on-premises

    Implement Syntelate XA on the infrastructure that your business needs. Run your contact centre on-premises or in Azure Cloud.

Unified agent desktop

With Syntelate XA, your agents handle calls, emails, SMS, web chats, and social media messaging – all from their agent desktop. And you can add customised desktops for different teams.


Inbound and outbound: choose from leading telephony systems and diallers, or use VOIP. Pro-active contact (progressive or preview dialling) and IVR are also available.


Display a script on the agent desktop to guide agents through calls. Merge CRM data, set up logging for reporting, and show special offers at the right time in the conversation.

Web chat

Standalone or integrated with AI chatbots, Syntelate XA's web chat gives you optimal results. Key features include surveys, smart text, transcripts, leave a message, auto-replies, attachments, and translation.


Agents send and receive emails from their agent desktop. Syntelate XA supports inbound and outbound with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, and outbound with Gmail and SMTP.

Messaging & social media

SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Messages let your business connect with your customers on their preferred messaging channels.

Customer surveys

Capture key details before an interaction and afterwards automatically send an email or SMS to give customers a short survey about their experience. Customise your surveys by adding rules.

Voice of the Agent

Listen to your agent feedback to shape coaching and service improvements. Voice of the Agent surveys agents after every interaction, so team leaders know when to give support.


Integrate your existing CRM or use Syntelate XA as one and leverage your customer data to improve the outcomes and quality of every interaction.

Supervisor desktops

Syntelate XA gives team leaders the tools they need to manage agents, channel and skill groups, inbound queues, disposition codes, quality scoring, and many other operational areas.

Dashboards and reporting

View, filter, and export real-time and historical data on the activity in your contact centre. Use the insights to improve performance and forecast demand. Connect the data feed to your MI system to conduct deeper analyses.

"No code" design and admin

With Syntelate Designer and Studio, you don't need development skills to configure your instance of Syntelate XA. They give you control over your agent desktops and contact centre operations.

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Senior Operations Manager, one of the UK's Big Six utilities providers

“Inisoft’s solution has helped drive improvement and efficiency within the department and has been essential in driving further growth.”

Success Stories
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Benefits for the business

  • Reduce AHT and improve FCR

    The unified agent desktop makes life easy for your agents by giving them the information they need when they need it - so you'll help them provide solutions to your customers faster and to a higher standard.

  • Reduce call volumes

    Use digital channels to reduce call volumes and satisfy your customers by using the services they prefer. Email, chat, and social media messaging channels in Syntelate XA come with features that raise efficiency and uplift quality, too.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Syntelate XA helps you decrease your operational costs by increasing agent productivity and adding value to your coaching programmes that in turn improve employee retention.

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John Posnett, FPC Delivery Manager and Case Management Business Lead, BMA

"Syntelate XA has helped bring the BMA a significant improvement in the quality of our membership support."

Success Stories
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Benefits for agents

  • Empowered through knowledge

    As soon as a customer gets in touch, Syntelate XA matches on their phone number, email address, or social media username and opens the customer’s record, displaying their interaction history too. That way, your agent is given the context before the conversation gets truly started.

  • Confidence comes easier

    With all the information they need at their fingertips, and scripts to guide them even through complex calls, your agents will have the confidence they need to provide an excellent service to your customers.

  • Freedom to focus

    With fluid blending between different interaction types, and with everything held in one place, your agents will spend their time helping your customers – not navigating multiple complex systems.

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