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Customers expect an intuitive and tailored experience.

In today's customer-centric banking landscape, a seamless omnichannel experience is no longer a perk, it's an expectation. Customers are ditching the days of one-size-fits-all banking and demand the flexibility to switch channels – from chat and social media to phone – all while receiving consistent, uninterrupted service.

In the fiercely competitive world of banking, customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. Stand out from the crowd with a proactive approach:

  • Go Beyond Transactions: Anticipate customer needs with timely advice. Leverage email and SMS to deliver personalized guidance on savings rates, retirement planning, or budgeting based on their unique profile.
  • Empower Agents, Delight Customers: Unify your agents’ workspace with a comprehensive customer view. Scripts and on-screen notifications provide essential support during every interaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your customers.
  • Simplify Compliance, Enhance Service: Dynamic scripting powered by rules ensures your agents navigate regulations and standards effortlessly. This translates to seamless interactions for your customers while maintaining compliance.

Essential features

Compliant and secure

Each step of your customer's journey meets industry standards, including ISO 27001 and GDPR (EU and UK). Third-party integrations extend Syntelate XA's compliance with other key regulations.

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AI chatbots and routing

Before the customer reaches an agent, AI-enhanced chatbots triage the conversation and link with Syntelate XA's routing to pass the customer to an appropriately skilled live agent.

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Guided conversations

Merge CRM data and show crucial information at the right time to support your agents to deliver quality customer engagement. Use scripts as part of your up-selling and cross-selling strategy.

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