Financial Services and Insurance

Help your customers control their finances by giving agents the information they need to deliver the best support at the right time.

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Meet expectations for connected customer journeys

Customers want seamless experiences with banking and insurance providers.

Join the dots

By leveraging the potential of AI and integrations with external systems, Syntelate XA makes it easy for agents to handle customer inquiries and applications successfully.

Unify and simplify

The unified agent desktop provides a full view of the customer, while scripts and on-screen notices provide essential support through each interaction.

Curate quality

With everything they need at their fingertips, your agents are in the best position to strengthen your customer relationships and grow your revenues.

Essential features

Compliant and secure

Each step of your customer's journey meets industry standards, including ISO 27001 and GDPR (EU and UK). Third-party integrations extend Syntelate XA's compliance with other key regulations.

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AI chatbots and routing

Before the customer reaches an agent, AI-enhanced chatbots triage the conversation and link with Syntelate XA's routing to pass the customer to an appropriately skilled live agent.

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Guided conversations

Merge CRM data and show crucial information at the right time to support your agents to deliver quality customer engagement. Use scripts as part of your up-selling and cross-selling strategy.

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