Consistency across channels

Channeling your customer

“A channel-free customer journey is key. The very essence of superior CX is simply doing the right things for customers and employees at every turn.” [1]

“A consistent user experience, regardless of platform, is one of the 5 key components of a successful omnichannel user experience. Consistency across channels builds trust with customers.” [2]

To provide a channel-free customer journey, a contact centre needs omnichannel technology that not only supports multiple channels but also provides additional core features to ensure that cross-channel conversations are seamlessly joined up and effortless. In other words, omnichannel isn’t a panacea; offering multiple channels won’t by itself provide consistency.

Ask yourself if your technology enables your customer experience team to provide consistently excellent and on-brand conversations across each channel.

How it’s done

With Syntelate XA, you can deliver a consistent, quality conversation with your customers no matter how many channels they need to use. Here are just some of the features that help you provide consistency:

Single view of entire customer history

Not having to re-explain issues when moving from one channel to another is a top three priority for customers today. [1]

Syntelate XA makes it easy for your agents to see what the customer’s issue is by providing the customer’s interaction history on the agent desktop. And, the history will also show any notes recorded by previous agents, the actual transcript of the email or chats, and the technical details for each interaction, such as time, date, length of interaction, etc.

Automated content for difficult emails

Emails are now longer and more complex because the easier work is handled by self-service or web chat.

In 2020, agents answered 47% of emails using a blank email. [1] But starting a response from scratch increases the likelihood of typos and other mistakes being sent to customers,and it increases the average handling time.

There is no need to force agents to compose replies using blank emails when you use Syntelate XA. Dynamic snippets, email rules and auto-reply messages: these types of automated content empower your agents speak to your customers with confidence while maintaining consistent brand messaging and reducing average handling time.

Helping the work flow

We’ve developed a range of workload and workflow management options in Syntelate XA that reduce the burden on contact centre operations and help provide superior customer experiences. Here are further examples of features that promote consistency:

  • Route to last agent: Give your customer the chance to speak to the same agent who handled their query the last time.
  • Scripting and instructional text: Scripts and brief instructions help with consistency for any channel.
  • Agent groups: Agent groups help you route customers to a subject-matter expert on any channel.
  • Unified agent desktop and co-browse: Present all channels and external applications on one agent desktop interface – end the need to switch between browsers or applications.
  • Prioritisation: Prioritise agent groups by order of expertise to send chats to the right group.


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