The word Québec next to a block of four small squares containing fleur de lys.
The word Québec next to a block of four small squares containing fleur de lys.

Email in a unified agent desktop integrated with Avaya Aura®


  • Headquarters: Québec, Québec, Canada
  • Industry: Government agency
  • Service users: 8.6 million citizens
  • Company size: 5001 – 10,000 employees
  • Use case: Email in an omnichannel unified agent desktop integrated with Avaya Aura®

MTESS is a large government agency that helps citizens in Québec with employment and financial support. At the contact centre for MTESS, high volumes of email are handled every day, so it’s essential that their contact technology is up to the task.

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Their challenges

  • Inadequate email queue model

    The queuing process made it difficult to ensure that agents in specific skill groups were passed suitable emails. Consequently, SLA rates were lower than desired and email handling times were too long.

  • Clunky email editor

    On the agent desktop, the editor had poor support for text manipulation options. Agents were unable to compose emails quickly or to a high formatting standard, which frustrated them.

  • Low employee retention rates

    Due to the cumulative problems with the email channel, agents were so frustrated they left the agency. Hiring new agents was disruptive to the agency's service and costly.

Key features of our solution

Syntelate XA has not only delivered on the requirements, but it has also brought added value to MTESS.

MTESS agents are enjoying the revamped user experience brought by Syntelate XA because it helps them complete their work more easily and to a higher standard than with the previous system.

Integration with Avaya Aura®

Implementation was fast and straightforward for the integration with Avaya Aura®.

Administrative tools for email queue and prioritising

The Configuration Desktop makes it easy for managers to remove spam, adjust email priority levels, and manage user permissions and roles.

Real-time and historical dashboards for SLA and AHT

Managers are seeing the benefit of using the Dashboard Desktop for reporting on and observing the message queue.

Modern email editor and unified agent desktop

User-friendly interface that makes composing accurate and formatted emails easy and satisfying.

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Frédéric Dussault, Directorate of Telecommunications and Governance of Technological Infrastructure, MTESS

"Our agents have told us they are much happier using the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop, so we’re anticipating that the improved user interface and editor which the product has brought us will help with employee retention.”

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Results for operations

  • Streamlined workloads have increased productivity

    Increasingly positive outcomes in employee satisfaction and performance due to UX and workflow improvements.

  • Better insights for team managers

    Clearer visibility of SLA in email reporting. Supervisors route interactions to the best group at the right time using advanced user permissions and email prioritization.

  • Scoped roles has improved quality of operations

    Advanced user groups and permissions tools let supervisors create a different scope for the roles in the contact centre, so each person has access only to what they need to see.

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Results for agents

  • Improved workload and processes

    With newly scoped roles, agent workflow is streamlined and easier.

  • Convenient and feature-rich editor

    The new, modern editor lets agents easily modify the text, insert snippets, and add notes for their supervisor.

  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction

    MTESS anticipate that the positive feedback from agents will result in better employee retention.

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Why Inisoft?

We have specialist knowledge of the contact centre technology sector, which we’ve gained over the past 30 years developing solutions for organizations worldwide. As well as that robust technical capability, we also provide excellent client services, support, and documentation. For MTESS, those essential capabilities were complemented by two strategic advantages.

We count household names from major service industries in North America among our most longstanding clients, which for practical considerations, such as accommodating time zone differences, demonstrated our reliability when working with international clients.

A fundamental requirement of this project was a solution that integrates with Avaya Aura; as an Avaya DevConnect Platinum technology partner of several years, we’ve got a range of integrations with Avaya covered. We’ve partnered with Avaya on many projects, they know our product inside out, and see first-hand our successes with each customer. Their recommendation of our customer engagement software, Syntelate XA, meant a lot to us and to MTESS.

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