Unifying Customer Interactions Across All Channels

Our agent desktop software empowers agents and enhances customer experience through a single interface.


Intelligent products for happier agents and satisfied customers

Inisoft Syntelate XA gives agents a single interface for communication across every channel, end to end, so they have the critical data they need at every touchpoint to provide excellent customer interactions.

Our product development is informed by user-experience research with real agents in real contact centres, and driven by our desire to improve customer experiences. We are passionate about creating technology solutions to craft quality customer interactions.

Decorational list of XA features
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One product suite with many applications

We've designed Syntelate XA to work with desktop and mobile devices, on-premises or in the cloud. You can choose from one of Syntelate XA's off-the-shelf packages that delivers essential functionality for most kinds of contact centre, or a bespoke design to suit unique requirements.

  • Suite of core features and core integrations
  • Third-party integrations with popular apps and services
  • Channel-agnostic design
  • Responsive and accessible user interface
  • Anticipate contact demand types
  • “No code” design and admin studios
  • Dashboards and reports
  • See results from day one with fast deployment
  • Secure and compliant with data protection laws
  • Cloud or on-premises available
  • Geo-redundancy infrastructure, high-availability, load balancing
  • Dedicated support desk 24/7, 365 days of the year
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