Introducing Syntelate XA Mobile

Make your contact centre mobile


“Sixty-three percent of global enterprises regard mobility as the most significant factor contributing to competitive advantage and more than 7 in 10 cite it as a top priority.”

—T-Mobile for Business 2019 Workplace Mobility Report


The team at Inisoft has been developing a mobile platform for our desktop omni-channel customer engagement suite, Syntelate XA and it’s called Syntelate XA Mobile. Designed for agents working remotely, the mobile interface looks just like the desktop version, and provides the same functionality.


a laptop and a mobile phone using syntelate xa
Syntelate XA works on desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

Why mobile customer services?


“Employee issues and talent/skills are the No. 1 and No. 2 constraints on growth. … The top five talent transformation goals sought by CEOs are to make the workforce more proactive, tech-centric, collaborative, innovative and empowered.”

—Gartner, ‘Create a Culture of Digital Dexterity with the “New Work Nucleus”’, 2019.

Work practices have always had to adapt to changes in society and in the economy. More people work from home or in the field today than ever before. Increased parental leave rights have matured in tandem with more positive attitudes toward flexible working. Long-distance commutes cause stress, but sometimes the right person for the job doesn’t live anywhere near the site of their employer’s office, so they work from home and have weekly video conferences with their teams.

Remote working, telecommuting, work-from-home: whatever it’s called where you are, the principle is the same. Mobile work arrangements can benefit contact centers and employees alike. And that’s just one of the reasons why we have developed mobile productivity features for Syntelate XA — to help customer services providers develop a digitally dextrous workforce that will flourish and help their business thrive too.

How does it work?

Browser-based to integrate securely with your Avaya OneX system, Syntelate XA Mobile is for iOS or Android with Chrome, Firefox or IE installed. Wherever they may roam, at home or abroad, agents and supervisors can log in securely to Syntelate XA on their mobile devices.

Syntelate XA Mobile integrates with the following Avaya solutions:

  • Avaya CC Elite
  • AACC
  • ACCS
  • Avaya IP Office.

An Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner, our team will launch Syntelate XA Mobile at the Avaya Engage 2020 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona from 2 to 5 February. If you are attending, come and say hi to the Inisoft team, and ask for a demo of our desktop and mobile customer engagement suites! We’ll be at Booth 307 for the whole event.

What does it offer?

Inheriting the flexibility, functionality, and appearance of the desktop suite, the mobile app can be set up with the same channels too:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social media messaging.

Of course, full telephony features such as transfer, consult, and hold for inbound and outbound calls are available as standard. And, a searchable customer interaction history preview pops to the screen for agents, helping them handle each contact smoothly.

Purchasing models

We offer both OPEX and CAPEX payment models so you can pay monthly or annually.

Find out how Syntelate XA could help your business

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