Announcing Syntelate XA 2.11

Syntelate XA 2.11 released

Inisoft, experts in developing the software businesses need to modernise their contact centre, have just launched Syntelate XA 2.11, offering a new Salesforce integration, mailbox enhancements, and improvements to application load-balancing. 

Syntelate XA, trusted by hundreds of brands to transform their customer contact operations, empowers agents to deliver the best customer experience. Known for its versatility and user-friendly design, our omni-channel product facilitates seamless, personalised interactions across all channels and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

What’s new? 

Deliver exceptional, seamless and personalised experiences 

Our no-code solution puts you in control with the ability to configure your own flexible Salesforce integration. Leverage your customer data to improve the outcomes and quality of every interaction by allowing agents to save and retrieve data to and from Salesforce. 

Quick and performant to boost agent and customer satisfaction 

Syntelate XA can now handle email messages on demand, retrieving and sending the messages directly from the email server rather than saving copies to the database. This feature is available for Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 Outlook mailboxes, drastically improving email performance and reducing load on the system. 

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About Inisoft 

Inisoft specialises in developing customer experience software which transforms contact centres into customer engagement hubs that champion the customer. 

With headquarters in the United Kingdom and a global network of business partners, Inisoft helps businesses across the world to create better customer interactions and achieve desirable business outcomes. Inisoft are passionate about designing improvements that deliver significant ROI and growth. 

Our product, Syntelate XA provides a unified agent desktop that supports blending of voice, web chat, WhatsApp, social media messaging, email, and SMS. Compliance-tested telephony integrations and approved third-party solution providers help you drive quality customer relationships and grow revenues.  

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