AI is best when it augments: Inisoft's insights from DIGITExpo

At the customer service interface with AI

Our industry is evolving. Customer service technology is meeting artificial intelligence (AI) face to interface. At Inisoft, we’re at the forefront of this transformation, developing AI-powered solutions that enable improvements to customer service communications. Our recent attendance at Scotland’s largest technology conference, DIGITExpo West, gave us valuable insights into the responsible adoption of AI in customer service operations.

Key takeaways from BJSS at DIGITExpo West

Simon de Timaray, Head of Data and AI at BJSS, delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled “AI Post Deployment: What happens when the machine does what we want it to?“. Here are our the key takeaways from de Timaray’s presentation:

  • AI development is outpacing regulation.
  • Managing AI risks is crucial in the face of an uncertain future.
  • AI excels in knowledge but lacks human-like reasoning.
  • Identifying suitable use cases is key—sometimes simpler solutions suffice.
  • Successful AI adoption hinges on employee engagement and data literacy.
  • Implementing controls and embedding ethics can smooth the path forward.

Practical steps to take now

Regulation, bias, and ethics

As we wait for comprehensive AI regulations, it’s important that businesses proactively address ethical concerns early. Contact centres should:

  • Conduct thorough AI impact assessments
  • Ensure diversity in teams implementing AI solutions
  • Remove bias from data and processes
  • Embed organizational ethos into AI design from the outset

Empowering employees

To mitigate anxiety about job displacement:

  • Maintain transparency about AI transition plans
  • Clearly communicate decision-making processes
  • Provide ethical support mechanisms for affected roles
  • Develop AI literacy training programs

Augmentation over replacement

The goal should be to enhance human capabilities, not replace them. Consider implementing:

  • AI-powered writing assistants for agents
  • GenAI summaries of operational data
  • Real-time sentiment analysis during customer interactions

Inisoft’s AI solutions: Augmenting contact centre capabilities

At Inisoft, we’re committed to developing AI tools that amplify human potential in contact centres. Our flagship product, Syntelate XA, offers two AI-powered features:

  • Rewriter: A writing assistant for agents, enhancing chat and email communications with customers.
  • Report Summarization: A reporting tool for operations managers, providing executive summaries of trends in operational data. (Available from v2.13.0 Syntelate XA).

Paula McCracken, Product Manager at Inisoft, comments:

“Our approach to generative AI adopts a ‘keep your cool and do it properly’ mentality. We’re developing solutions that enhance the capabilities of customer service agents and managers, allowing them to focus on nuanced work where the human touch is irreplaceable.”

The path forward

As we navigate the AI revolution in customer service, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach. By focusing on augmentation, ethical implementation, and employee empowerment, contact centres can harness the power of AI to deliver superior customer experiences while nurturing their human talent.

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