Announcing Syntelate XA's AI assistant for contact centre agents

Announcing the launch of Rewriter, a writing assistant for contact centre agents

  • Do your agents struggle to find the right words when chatting with a customer?
  • Do you or your agents find writing some customer emails difficult?
  • Do you need help with supporting your agents to write better English?
  • Have your customers complained about unclear communication from an agent?

We’ve got a solution: Rewriter.

New release offers AI-powered agent support

The release of Syntelate XA 2.12 brings a major new feature to the Syntelate XA Agent Desktop: Rewriter. Powered by AI, Rewriter suggests alternative words, sentences, and paragraphs for an agent to use in an email or chat message.

The Rewriter tool revolutionises communication for Syntelate XA agents by effortlessly crafting emails and chat messages with just a simple click. Seamlessly integrated into the agent’s toolkit alongside snippets for emails and smart text for chats, Rewriter enhances efficiency and professionalism.

For agents managing emails, Rewriter offers significant benefits by refining content and ensuring grammatical accuracy. Similarly, for those handling chats, Rewriter streamlines communication, making interactions smoother and more polished.

With Rewriter, even roughly drafted content can be transformed into eloquent and formal English, empowering agents to convey their messages effectively and professionally.

Rewriter gives contact centres the opportunity to use GenAI to develop the communication skills of agents and grow their confidence at the same time. As a result, we predict that agents using Rewriter will increase customer retention rates and improve the customer experience more than before. These are outcomes that business leaders want to see from any investment in GenAI.

How to get Rewriter

Rewriter is available as an add-on to Syntelate XA from version 2.12.

Contact us to discuss pricing and the benefits that Rewriter could bring to your contact centre.

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