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Bespoke experience for every customer

Customers expect an intuitive and tailored experience. It’s the reality of modern banking, where customer experience reigns supreme. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all banking. Today, success hinges on a customer-centric operating model that places the customer at the heart of every interaction. 

“Banks experimenting with this model have seen impressive early results, including a doubling in digital sales, a threefold increase in cross-sell, a 40 percent rise in customer activity, and the elevation of customer experience from a middle ranking to top quartile.” [1]

This model is not just about providing essential services, it is a crucial competitive differentiator, delivering proactive, added-value experiences that delight customers and drive revenue.

At the core of the customer-centric model lies personalisation. Thanks to advanced data-modelling technologies, banks can now paint a richer, more nuanced picture of each customer. This deeper understanding enables them to tailor services, provide proactive guidance, and foster lasting relationships. Research indicates that personalised communication, including cross-selling and upselling, can significantly boost revenues. [2] By leveraging insights gleaned from customer data, banks can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, driving loyalty and profitability in the process. 

Key to delivering exceptional customer experiences is seamless omnichannel integration. Customers expect to move effortlessly between channels – be it chat, social media or phone – without missing a beat. This requires robust contact centre technology that integrates elegantly with existing systems and facilitates unified customer journeys. 

Essential features for success 

Enter Syntelate XA, our cutting-edge contact centre solution designed to empower businesses in their quest for customer-centric excellence. Syntelate XA equips organisations with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape: 

  • Proactive Contact: Anticipate customer needs and go beyond the transactional. Use email and SMS to send timely advice on savings rates, retirement planning, or managing a budget, tailored to the customer’s profile.  
  • SMS Chat: Let your customers reply to outbound SMS alerts and notifications. 
  • Facebook and WhatsApp: Social channels provide a public and free customer service channel. 
  • Dynamic Scripting: Rules-based conversations help agents comply to regulations and standards.  
  • Seamless Omnichannel Journeys: Customers want to transfer from chat (web chat, social chat) to phone without starting a new interaction. 
  • Email: Snippets facilitate faster time to resolution and personalisation. Use them to proactively provide custom financial guidance and cross-sells or upsells. 
  • Retention of Customers: Combine scripting with bespoke offers showing reasons to stay. 

In the fiercely competitive arena of modern banking, customer experience is the ultimate battleground. By embracing a customer-centric operating model and harnessing the power of advanced technology, banks can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly digital world. 

Syntelate XA: Unlock the power

Ready to take your banking experience to the next level? Contact us at Inisoft today to discover how Syntelate XA can power your customer-centric model.  


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