The letters B M A.
The letters B M A.

Omnichannel unified agent desktop with self-service callbacks

About the BMA

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Offices: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
  • Industry: Trade union and professional membership body for doctors in the UK.
  • Membership size: 173,000 members
  • Website:
  • Use case: Web chat blended with voice on unified agent desktop integrated with self-service callback booking system.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK. Offering advice by telephone, web chat, and email, the BMA’s First Point of Contact service (FPC) provides crucial support for over 173,000 members.



About their contact centre

The FPC provides employment advice, covering a wide range of topics, and signposts benefits to members, such as wellbeing support, pensions, tax and legal services as well as learning and development guidance. It also handles membership administration enquiries.

Employment law, government policy, ethics, wellbeing support, and learning and development are some of the subjects that members seek expert advice on.

The sensitive nature and high volume of member inquiries demanded a robust and efficient contact centre software solution.


Their challenges

  • Slow and disjointed processes

    The system put in place by the previous provider required advisers to handle web chat and calls separately. Their time and energies were wasted on unnecessary tasks, resulting in low satisfaction and not having the resources to support members to a high standard.

  • Callback service restricted to weekdays

    BMA members were constrained by a lack of time and privacy during standard hours, so they were not able to access the guidance and support they needed.

  • Limited control over routing

    Team leaders lacked the technology to manage adviser skill groups, which resulted in customer inquiries not reaching the right adviser teams.

Key features of our solution

We streamlined the systems and processes used by the BMA’s First Point of Contact (FPC) service and designed a self-service solution for the unique requirements of their core customer base.
Unified agent desktop

Unified interface to handle all channels of inquiries. Adviser workflows took place on one screen instead of many, reducing effort and complexity.

Blended voice and web chat

Blended welcome and retention calls with inbound calls, and enhanced, integrated web chat. Voice and chat were seamlessly blended on the agent desktop.

Advanced skills-based routing

Team leaders could create specialised adviser groups to handle different categories of queries. Enquiries were routed automatically.

Self-service callbacks

Members could book callbacks for slots at a time that suited them, instead of during working hours.

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John Posnett, FPC Delivery Manager, BMA

“I would not hesitate to recommend Inisoft. We found them to have a very ‘can-do’ attitude and provide a strong support model during implementation and once the product went live."

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Results for the customer

  • 96% member satisfaction rates

    A fully responsive self-service form on the website let members pick evenings or weekends for taking callbacks, and their call was assigned to a specialist adviser with the knowledge to resolve the query. As a result, members felt they received an excellent customer experience.

  • Faster time to resolution

    Skills-based routing helped advisers close cases more quickly than before. As a result, members were much happier with the service.

  • Automated Voice of the Customer survey

    At the end of the call, Syntelate XA transferred members to the survey automatically, making it easy for them to contribute feedback on their customer experience.


Results for the contact centre

  • Reduced annualised costs by £29,000

    The introduction of a smart text library for web chat saved the FPC team over 240 hours of operational time in one quarter, equating to annualised cost savings of £29,000. Smart text is chunks of pre-approved, dynamic content that agents can insert into a message at the click of a button.

  • Predictable contact demand

    Bookings made by doctors using the self-service callback form were visible in Syntelate XA, so the FPC could accurately allocate advisers to those slots. That way, operational costs were mitigated while doctors could access support at a time that suited them best.

  • 98% positive scores in Voice of the Agent

    On average, in the first six months of using Syntelate XA, 98% of feedback from Voice of the Agent was positive. Team leaders reached out to the 2% who said they needed help. With visibility of adviser feedback, supervisors recommended coaching to help advisers develop their expertise.


Why Inisoft?

We stood out as a preferred partner thanks to our technical expertise, positive attitude, commitment to results, and ability to offer continuous support. We helped the BMA develop a reliable, scalable solution that delivered return on investment.

The features of Syntelate XA that stood out to the FPC operations team were the agent desktop’s omnichannel support and the admin tools for managing queues according to resource demand.

For the BMA, the standout features were the callback booking service and the stability of Syntelate XA during periods of high contact demand.

The people at Inisoft drive its excellence in delivering award-winning contact centre software solutions. With highly experienced specialists in telephony, database and software development, as well as a robust testing team, dedicated professional services and 24/7 direct support, Inisoft has been pioneering agent and customer-centric desktop products at a global level in the contact centre industry for over 25 years, innovating the market every step of the way.

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