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This is the first post in a new series of tips and tricks for Syntelate XA!

I’m Gavin, the technical author at Inisoft, responsible for the help and user documentation for our products. In contact center terms, I’m the self-service element of the mix, helping you to answer your questions about Syntelate XA yourself. For those times when you do just need to speak to someone, though, Dave and his team over at Inisoft Support are of course always on hand to answer any questions by phone or email.

In this first post, I’d like to look at how you can show relevant information to your agents at the most appropriate point in a call. This could be cross- and up-sell offers, for example, or perhaps objection handling tips.

The 16 second video below shows exactly what I’m talking about. Once the agent has discovered that the customer has decided not to book a holiday due to cost concerns, Syntelate XA automatically presents the agent with various offers and discounts, which the agent can use to try to make the sale.

So how do we achieve this in XA? By calling an action from our script! Actions are a really powerful feature of Syntelate XA, and they can do all sorts of things. You can use actions to hide/show fields, automatically populate fields, show pop-up messages, and much more.

I’m sure I’ll be offering more tips and tricks about actions in the future, but today we’re going to use an action to activate a particular tab of a data entry element (form).

In my above example for Inisoft Travel, my action activates the Offers and discounts tab of the Customer Details data entry element. In the Action Builder, setting this up couldn’t be easier. Simply select a step type of Select tab, and then select the data entry element and tab that you want to activate.

That’s all it takes to create our action! Now, whenever this action is called, Syntelate XA will display the Offers and discounts tab.

Next we just have to call our action at the right time. In my video example, the “right time” is when the script enters the Inisoft Travel Cost script box. As such, we now need to go to the Script Designer.

In the Script Designer, edit the properties of the script box in question (in my case the Inisoft Travel Cost script box) and add the new action to the On enter actions property.

That’s it! Now whenever this script enters the Inisoft Travel Cost script box, Syntelate XA will show offers and discounts to the agent, helping them to make a sale.

Easy, right? Can you think of some ways in which you could use this at your call center?

Gavin Gray

Technical Author, Inisoft

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