Script Widget

For when you need a script solution to guide agents confidently through calls.


Add our Script Widget to your existing agent desktop

Integrate our Script Widget with your existing contact center application for an advanced scripting solution that will guide your agents through each call.

With our Script Widget, your agents don’t have to memorise complex processes or navigate multiple applications to hunt down information. Make things easy for your agents and let them focus on doing what they do best: engaging with your customers.

Key Features of Script Widget

Designing all the possible paths that each call can take couldn’t be easier, thanks to the visual builder that comes with Script Widget.

  • Simply drag and drop script elements onto the canvas to create the flowchart of your script.
  • At each point in the script show the agent what to say or do.

Yes, with Script Widget you can monitor not only the outcome of the call, but also the outcomes of each point of the script.

  • Link a disposition code with each completion button to accurately monitor the outcome of calls.
  • Use the script logging property to monitor the outcome of each point of the script.

Yes, you can personalise the script by inserting merge fields to pull customer details into the script.

And, you can put a data entry form next to the script to let agents see and edit customer’s details.

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