Scripting Widget

Integrate our Scripting Widget with your existing contact center application for an advanced scripting solution that will guide your agents through each call with confidence.

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Help Your Agents Champion Your Customers

With our Scripting Widget, your agents don’t have to memorize complex processes or navigate multiple applications to hunt down information.

A script tells your agents what to say at each point in a call and adapts to the outcome of each stage as the call progresses. This make things easy for your agents, freeing them to focus on doing what they do best: engaging with your customers.

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Dynamically insert information

into scripts, such as the customer’s name.

No need for large, complex scripts.

Create small, manageable scripts and link these together. Reuse scripts in multiple places.

Apply an appropriate disposition code

to each call based on the route that the call went down. This makes it easy to monitor the outcome of agents’ calls.

Define logging points in your script.

This creates a record of how each call progressed and allows you to monitor the time spent on each part of the call.

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